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Our project is using digital animation to reimagine an African heritage story based in a community, with a positive intergenerational narrative of resilience, family, and hope: a story of belonging.

Our intention is collaborate with African /African diasporal heritage animators to create this animated adventure based upon a children's story book, and will be using. Surprisingly, these animators are virtually absent in this industry.

Our wish is also to establish a space for those from the African heritage communities, to access these skills, and contribute to storytelling that rediscovers our humanity, using Art and Animation..

Vircheu Butterflies.png


Whilst we intend to engage with African heritage communities, we will focus on children aged 5-11yrs young people 11-16yrs .


We are now preparing to move to the next stage of development, where we share Vircheu and his Nation with the world.

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